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School Leadership and Students

JH: And so I’ve asked these two gentlemen to talk a little bit about their perspectives and questions they ask themselves during crisis and how they’ve managed this. Ian is the principal of Eugene Reimer Middle School. And Duane Penner here is the principal of a traditional elementary school
DP: And so at the elementary level we were never at that point and some of these online tools that we started seeing being used like seesaw and google classrooms, we actually trained ourselves ahead of the pandemic. So when our teachers had to switch over to online they were almost somewhat prepared to do this. And so if you build those relationships with all those levels, parents, staff, building leadership, and students, then you kind of come together and help guide and lead.
IL: School was not shut down for parents that needed their school to be open. We specifically went out and we personally invited, and in many cases we would pick them up children, vulnerable students.
we’ve had a mask mandate in BC that just got taken off on Friday and we have middle school kids that are telling their teachers that they don’t want to take their mask off because they feel ugly. And that, that, I tell you, is something that really concerns me.
DP: I’m going to have to possibly train some of my intermediate teachers now on reading programs.
IL: We’re needing to teach our grade six teachers some of the fundamentals about how to teach reading. The late literacy.
He really looked at this, here’s an opportunity through crisis to stop doing things that didn’t make sense. Our PAC meetings, you know, PTA, parent meetings, we flipped it onto zoom, we’re averaging 18 to 20 parents because people can be at home.

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