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Physical Education and Student Choice

My name is Joe Frew and I am a gym teacher in a small, inner-city school in Abbottsford, British Columbia.
The problem was there were those kids that outright rejected any sport any game any activity that I wanted to do in the class. Me, as a gym teacher, it just broke my heart. We all have bodies. You don’t want to play?
And it wasn’t about the kids not liking sport. It was about that internal motivation, that self-motivation. How do I create an environment in the gym where they want to play they want to try these things
The research by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan kept coming up. The self-determination theory. And the 3 basic parts of that: autonomy (giving students the ability to choose), competency, where they’re coming from a place of confidence in the activity that they’re doing, and relatedness, are they working with the people[]
And combined this self determination theory with a teaching model by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser the daily 5. And I have the 5 stations there: the traditional sports, playground games, individual activities, [] challenges, and then rhythm and dance
So how did it turn out? Results. Not one child sat out. This study that I did, my research, it does support the existing theory that the self-determination style approach to gym class, it does increase motivation and self-determination.
The body-mind connection can no longer be ignored.

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