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Physical Education and Student Choice

"The self-determination style approach to gym class, it does increase motivation and self-determination."

Distance Education and COVID-19

"How do we use our e-learning tools at home and in the classroom to be sure students stay interested and on track, even when their teachers aren’t available?"

School Leadership and Pandemic Learning

"Here’s an opportunity through crisis to stop doing things that didn’t make sense."

Systemic Issues in K-12 Pandemic Learning

"American public schooling is in a very different place than it was in 2019, and the pandemic has caused or exacerbated many of these structural issues."

The Arts and Student Motivation

"All classes, should have experiential learning opportunities integrated within the learning process to make their learning more relevant, and more purposeful."

Canadian School Policy Changes during COVID-19

"Moving forward, we really need to make sure that if we want more teachers to stay in the workforce, we’ve got to get them back to their core job responsibilities."

Hill Creek Christian

A Christian Church homeschool coalition.

Bible Translation Project

In partnership with Wycliffe, bible translation for young people in Africa.

Private Christian Education

A private Christian school founded by DSPF in the Sisters, Oregon area.