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Developing Successful People Foundation


In a two-page narrative, please explain your project and how it meets one or more of the purposes of the Foundation.


Below, you will see the questions that Board Members will use to evaluate your request when we read your narrative.  The most successful grant requests address each of the questions that are related to the project proposal.

  1. Does the project meet one or more of the purposes of the Foundation?

  2. Who will the project target, and how many people will be served?

  3. What data was presented to support the need for this project?

  4. How does this project help individuals “Be Successful” now or in the future?

  5. What specifically will the money be used for?

  6. How and when will the person/organization requesting funding provide progress reports to the Foundation reporting:

    1. how the funds are being used,

    2. the emerging outcomes of the project 

    3. if this grant is to be used over a year, then there should be at least two reports for the duration of the project

  7. How will project leaders measure success in accomplishing their goals?

  8. Does the project have a plan for sustaining the activities after these requested funds are used?

  9. On what date will the project leaders provide the Foundation with a final report on all funded activities, outcomes, and evidence of success?

Please submit a cover page to your two-page narrative signed by the head executive, or main individual leading your organization.




Please provide contact information for two people who can speak about the work of your organization. 


For each reference, include:

Name, Relationship to your organization, Email, Phone number

Application for Grant

Time frame funds will be needed *

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First Reference

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